Architectural Manifesto

So, I have to write a short manifesto on how I approach architecture. At the moment it is still a bullet point list, however this image sums up everything that seems important to me.

There is an inherent understanding of the place and the building in the setting due to the use of materials and the positioning of the church. It seems as though it has always been there, looking out into the mountains and the houses, the timber shingles weathering on the side most exposed to the elements. The weathering seems like it was supposed to happen, greying down the building and grounding it more and more within the site. The entrance threshold elevates the visitor from the ground, enclosing them as they enter, inviting you in and protecting you before the full internal building is encountered. There is a performance in the act of entering and exiting, you are fully engaged with the site both culturally and physically.

This is how I approach my projects.

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