Sleight of hand,
Jump off the end.
Into a clear lake
No one around.

Just dragonflies
Flying to the side.
No one gets hurt,
You're doing nothing wrong.

Slide your hand,
Jump off the end.
The water's clear and innocent.
The water's clear and innocent.

Where are the people?


Half way to Scunthorpe

Timber end-grain. Stand on it. The building is crafted around you.


A short Statement of Architectural Intent

Architecture is primarily an envelope and a background for the life that goes on in and around it, both humanly and physically.

Firstly, my intention is to create a meaningful dialogue with the existing situation, allowing the building to be rooted in the past, but have a respect for the process of aging and remembering. As time passes the materiality of the place must change and adapt, filtering the actions upon it and building up a residue of the life that has gone on. It must accept the sun, wind and rain, the turn of the earth and the affect of light. It in itself will start to teach the place something as well as being taught by it.

A truly sustainable building is somewhere that allows people to inherently know how to use it. Socially, if it is delightful it will survive. A building that is crafted has an inherent locality, something that is understood on a human level. This makes it more grounded; it allows everyday life to carry on. A project cannot change how people act if there is no history for this, it must accept the every day and make it more delightful, and more natural.

I imagine how a space would be used, the sense of exposure or enclosure, the affect of light, of the materials used, the functionality, and the threshold with the surroundings. The details of this establish a formal rhythm and a scale, all together creating an understanding of the whole. This records and enriches the life inside and around it; this is what moves us.