A phenomenological enquiry


"to make the transition thoroughly striking, you ought to pass from the greatest light, to as much darkness as is consistent with the uses of architecture." 
Edmund Burke 
"was a case where sublime dimensions had become necessary as a simple function of fulfilling a building task."
Herzog and De Meuron
open spine
"the room's present condition is unknowable, but also unrepeatable." 
David Leatherbarrow
"In every thing sudden and unexpected, we are apt to start; that is, we have a perception of danger, and our nature rouses us to guard against it." 
Edmund Burke

"take on a beautiful and specific richness when traces of life are sedimented onto their surfaces." 
David Leatherbarrow

"stable static attic." 
Gaston Bachelard


consciousness of verticality

the journey  narrative


Cinema Courtyard

Drawn in by curiosity, venture towards the public space within the confines of a derelict shell. 

Broken Window
Enter through the darkness, drawn in by curiosity, though a sense of foreboding into the private space wherein anything may lay.

Office Entrance
Enter the public space, drawn into the archive with the chance to observe the city pass by. The reception opens up  towards the archive in an exploration analogous to the rest of the mill.

Office Archive
A chance to look upon the works of others, engaging with it and choosing to either add or subtract from the display.

Basement Walkway
Drawn downwards by curiosity into the darkness, meander along the narrow passage bounded by still water, fed only by the relentless dripping from the engine room above.

Allow the mind to wander as your imagination guides you through the danger towards the end.

Into the Darkness
Drawn through the constricting dark to the light, to the trees and safety of space.

In the Woods
Drawn through the darkness towards the light and under the foliage and nature, forever changing, the building is powerless to stop it.

Mill Section
Up, up and up through the mill past the artists working, sense them toiling, inaccessible but visually connected.

Sacred Performance 
Observe this sacred and bottomless space through a single opening, allow the mind to wander as you peer down into the dark and read the story of the weathered bricks like an obituary to former uses.

Stairway to Heaven
Stop to observe, upwards, slowly revealing the view and informing you of your location, overlooking the public below under the mask of darkness.

Stairway to Heaven Balcony
Step out onto the edge, safe from the drop but still a sense of fear as you see beneath you the distance to the ground.

Artists’ Archive from Above
Project yourself out into the public realm once again, observe the other users mingling below, largely unaware of your solitary presence.

Staircore Section
Finally break through into the core of the building, able to access more areas as the exploration unfolds, still aware of the presence of others as their footsteps resonate through the core.

Drawn across the bridge from one side to the other, over the open beams, a walkway in the trees.

Cross the lofty walkway where you view is downward. Solid of side but fine of floor; careful explorer not to fall.

Stairway Detail
Connecting the building, time to evaluate, feel the height of where you have been, look down as the light pours in.

Office Gallery 
Finally all is revealed, the surrounds are framed before you and your path is now clear. The airiness and rationality of this space are heightened but the clear ordered displays.

Office Panorama
Projected out into the landscape, all is clear and ordered, experience can be made sense of.

This project was completed in collaboration by Amelia Eiriksson, Fraser Godfrey and Esko Willman.

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